Baruch House Publishing here announces its undertaking to republish the Matthew Bible — the original English Bible, first published in 1537 — with its commentaries and notes, edited for the 21st century.
For we, upon whom the ends of the ages have come, have need of this pure translation in all its faithfulness, and also the teachings and warnings of this martyrs’ Bible.

New Matthew Bible Project - Restoring the Matthew Bible

If God is willing, Baruch House will republish the Matthew Bible, which was the work primarily of three Englishmen, William Tyndale, Miles Coverdale, and John Rogers. First published in 1537, we are working from the 1549 edition. It will be minimally edited for modern readers. We trust that this is the Lord’s leading for us.

We love God’s word. His word is spirit, and it is life. We are indescribably blessed to be restoring the Matthew Bible to give to the world again.

It was William Tyndale's most important work to translate the Holy Scriptures faithfully for English-speaking people so that, as he would say, they could read “the word of their soul’s health”. He wished to render it plainly so that even “the boy that drives the plough” could understand. In this spirit, Baruch House undertakes to render the Matthew Bible in more modern English, as plainly as God in mercy shall grant, while maintaining all its flavour, meaning, truth, and beauty. This will be the New Matthew Bible.

Why do we need another Bible version? In the first place, this is not just another version. The Matthew Bible was the real primary version of the English Bible, upon which the King James and Geneva Bibles were based. This alone proves its great worth, and explains why we call the Matthew Bible “the original Bible”. We hope to show in articles on this website, and on Scribd.com, just how well God’s word is translated and annotated in the Matthew Bible, and how it brings needed light where winds of false doctrine have obscured God’s truth. This is an age when Bible versions proliferate. But many have weakened the Holy Scriptures. We believe it is God’s will to restore this translation, which has been forgotten and neglected for too long.

We wish also to honour the authors of the Matthew Bible, and to make known some of Tyndale’s teachings that have long been lost to the Christian reader. Tyndale was a loving and righteous man, whose writings reveal great insight into the darker mysteries of the faith and great godliness. But he himself would urge us to test all that he says against the Scriptures. He did not seek followers among men, but to make all men followers of God’s word.

We pray that our labour will be a blessing unto many who share our love and faith, and many more besides; and also that it may please the Lord our God.

Posted May, 2010.

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Message from Ruth Magnusson, founder of the New Matthew Bible Project:

For years I have not asked for, nor accepted, donations to the New Matthew Project.
But expenses continue to mount. Despite my efforts to be frugal, they are very high. Maintaining websites is a major cost. There are office expenses, accounting and book-keeping, and much more.
I am happy to be doing this work, and wouldn’t be doing anything else. But it costs, so to those who wish to support it, I give a big THANK YOU.
Please consider being a partner in this project.

Major donors, please contact me directly so that you may be acknowledged.
I wish to acknowledge here the help of my volunteers, Buddy, Rusty, and Anna, whose time and work is an invaluable and very precious donation to this work.


The above graphics are from the original woodcuts bordering the title page of the 1549 Matthew Bible.


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